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These past four years, it was my honor to serve our trailblazing new Vice President Kamala Harris in the U.S. Senate, where I saw her bold and visionary leadership up close. Her consummate commitment to public service, record of fearless advocacy, and shattering of glass ceilings were unbelievably inspiring to watch every single day, particularly as she historically ascended to the Vice Presidency.

In the Senate, I was our state’s conduit between the U.S. Capitol and California, working to provide critical aid to California's small businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, eliminate inequities in our healthcare system, and combat the Trump Administration’s assault on Dreamers. Now, I am eager to continue this service in the community I grew up in.

This district has been my home my entire life. I’m running for State Assembly because I am committed to making sure the people in the 54th District have an effective, unrelenting advocate that delivers on our community’s wide variety of needs during this challenging time. This includes COVID-19 relief resources, rebuilding our small business community, helping to lift up working families, and strengthening the safety net for our most vulnerable. In Sacramento, I’ll fight for these critical relief efforts and more, including climate justice and ensuring our healthcare, housing, and education systems are more equitable for all Californians.

It would be an honor to serve as the peoples' voice across the 54th District in the California State Assembly. Join me and let’s help revive the California Dream.

-Heather Hutt

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